In the 7th grade, I received the outstanding student of the year award… in art class. After taking graphic arts in high school, which covered silk screening, photography, QuarkExpress, Photoshop and more, I knew I wanted to make a career out of art.

I studied graphic design and art education in college and upon graduation I landed my first official job laying out auto part catalogs. I worked in a few corporate environments before transitioning to an advertising/public relations agency, and then back to the corporate world with Nationwide, where I have been a designer since 2012.

Early in my career my approach was design solely for aesthetics. However, over the years I have grown in my confidence and ability to offer strategic counsel. I approach my work with the idea that design should communicate clearly and it should help solve a problem.

I have also taught graphic design classes at Columbus State Community College for the last 7 years, and I thoroughly enjoy coaching and mentoring my students. I’m also a member of the Digital Design and Graphics Advisory Board at Columbus State, working with department leadership on course content and paths of study for certificates and associate degrees.